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Posted by : Ziez Fuad Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

Plants vs Zombies 2 New Free Download - Plants vs. Zombies players will choose plants (and fungi) and put them around the House (the different areas of each level) to confront and defend the homeowners (player) of a zombie attack. Many plants can only attack in the line where he is, but there are some that can attack up to 3 lines at once (e.g. Threepeater). A zombie always go to game area and walk in one line(unless the bite of the garlic they will move the line). In the game, there is a grass cutter and cleansing the pond (backyard level) in the far left side of the page which can destroy all the zombies in the line, but a tool that cannot be reused until the next level. Most zombie will take the plant faced (although there is also a type of zombie that jumps over, destroy, and fly above the plant).
Players start by choosing and planting crops that have been selected in advance and see what a zombie is. New plants can be obtained at the end of the level. To grow, the player must collect the Sun's points came from sunflower plants or from the sky. Each plant is given the price. Most plants can be eaten easily by a zombie. Mushrooms need to be woken up with the coffee beans if used in the level. Plants need to be planted on top of lotus flowers (excluding aquatic plants) planted in water if they want to and need to be planted in a flower pot to the planted on the roof. There are many types of plants with their respective capabilities, there are plants that can be fired their projectiles into a zombie, resulting in direct sun or kill a zombie by way of burning it, menindihnya, as well as eat it.

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  1. Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's about time!
    Now Available for Windows PC.
    Website: http://plants-vs-zombies-2-for-pc.blogspot.com/2013/08/plants-vs-zombies-2.html

  2. its fake download REAL from here


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